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About NWTS

Northwest Theological Seminary is a graduate level academic institution that has as its main purpose the training of men for the Gospel ministry in the historic reformed tradition. NWTS offers two degree programs, the M.Div. and M.T.S., both of which place special emphasis throughout the curriculum on the unifying theme of the supernatural Scriptures, the centrality of Christ.

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NWTS is somewhat unusual in comparison to most seminaries today. We do not own any buildings of our own, and we have no plans to build any. NWTS is not your standard "business model" institution. It is not our desire to be measured by the yardstick of secular accreditation. The pride and pomp of accreditation is not on our list of priorities. It is part of our endeavor to honor Christ in the pursuit of academic achievement and fiscal frugality beyond what building programs and accreditation allow.

We delight in offering the broadest possible theological education within the bounds of reformed orthodoxy. Our limited enrollment provides an atmosphere where ministerial candidates can experience a "one on one" mentoring process with those who have decades of experience preaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. In addition, through this mentoring approach, the NWTS student will receive unique exposure to primary source documents and a Biblical assessment of the most current trends in culture and theological scholarship.

We believe you cannot find a superior preparatory program for the gospel ministry anywhere else. NWTS caters to a handful of conservative reformed denominations: OPC, PCA, URC, OCRC, and the Canadian Reformed. NWTS is a confessional institution, and as such we have friends in every denomination that subscribes to the Westminster Standards or the Three Forms of Unity (The Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dort.)

NWTS is located in the Northwest United States, just fifteen miles North of Seattle. Classes are held in the facilities of the Lynnwood Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lynnwood, Washington.


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