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NWTS is committed to being more than just an excellent graduate school training ministers in the historic reformed theological tradition-we're here to serve the bride of Christ in tangible ways. We frequently tailor our class schedule around the times that are best suited for students and laypeople from the local church community to attend. Many office bearers and potential office bearers have been able to take advantage of seminary level education that they would otherwise not have.

In a similar way, our online resources are designed to make the product of our labor in the Scriptures more accessible to the larger body of Christ. Here we have made available some helpful tools that not only assist the uninitiated in getting a better picture of the kind of work we do, but also help even the most astute scholar in the endeavor of tapping the riches contained in the Word of God.

Our Story Archives

The newsletter of NWTS is called, "Our Story". Why? Hover HERE. Past issues of the Our Story are available in the Our Story Archives so you can see the development of this seminary over the course of our history. Recent issues frequently feature pictures of classes and students, as well as written contributions by students, teachers, and board members. As you browse through this archive, you will get a series of snapshots in the history of NWTS since our formation in 2000.

Audio Resources

The audio resources page contains a sample collection of sermons, class lectures and conference lectures in compressed audio format. You may also contact us to obtain these materials on Compact Disk or Audio Cassette.

List of Bible Commentaries and Preaching Resources

The primary purpose of this list is to provide general information and notes on common bible commentaries and other useful study tools. It is intended in the main for trained pastors and students. NWTS does not endorse all the views contained in these documents, although they are all deemed useful for study. Some of the commentaries are liberal, meaning they take critical (i.e., non supernatural) approaches to the Scriptures. These items are marked as such. Readers uninitiated in liberal-critical methods should be very cautious in using these materials. Trained believers in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word of God will know how to sort out the good from the bad and accurately assess the presuppositions of the authors. Click here for the List of Bible Commentaries and Preaching Resources.

Kerux Online Archives

The online archives of Kerux, The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary contain all articles up to the current issue.


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